The Cage

The Cage is the first of its kind in the USA. Originating in Europe, the soccer cage brings together two teams of two to compete to become King of the Cage. This fast pace sport produces games of 3 minutes where the smaller enclosure enables players to develop the level of their skill, learn to make a perfectly timed tackle, improves their close ball control and shoot with greater accuracy. This portable sports arena is a perfect rental for birthday parties, team celebrations, corporate events, scouting events, player skill development training and community events. The short game format enables a high turnover of users.

Sports Cage Rates
1 Hour $175
2 Hours $225
3 Hours $275
4 Hours $300 (half day)
5 Hours $350
6 Hours $400
7 Hours $450
8 Hours $475 (full day)






On Your Turf Sports Climbing Wall

Soccer Cage Sports now operates the ‘On Your Turf Sports’ climbing wall in the North Texas area.

The On Your Turf Sports portable rock wall is the most innovative rock wall in the industry. Voted the best-looking surface on the market the wall sets up 15-30 minutes and can climb over 80 participants per hour. Four climbers can attempt the 26’ tall wall at the same time, each on an auto-belay system considered the safest in the industry. The hydraulic lift system ensures a speedy, safe setup and take-down.

Reserve it now at 214-425-5526.

Climbing Wall Rates
1 Hour $225
2 Hours $325
3 Hours $425
4 Hours $525
5 Hours $625
6 Hours $725
7 Hours $800
8 Hours $875

Please call 214-425-5526 for rental enquiries.