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The Cage is the first of its kind in the USA. Originating in Europe, the soccer cage brings together two teams of two players to compete to become King of the Cage. This fast pace version of soccer produces games of up to 3 minutes where the smaller enclosure enables players to develop their soccer skills, learn to make a perfectly timed tackle, improve their close ball control and to shoot with greater accuracy. The short game format enables a high turnover of users. This portable sports arena is a perfect rental for birthday parties, team celebrations, corporate events, scouting events, player skill development training and community events.

There are four versions of The Cage:


The Cage, $8,000 - Twenty panels standing eight feet tall and four feet wide, interlocking to create a circumference of just over eighty feet. The Cage is set up in a circle and has a diameter of just under twenty six feet. The original cage. Made for 2v2 gameplay.

The 1v1 Cage, $6,600 - Sixteen Cage panels that shrink the playing field for head to head competition.

The Cage Mini – Ten panels standing four feet tall and eight feet wide, interlocking to create the same circumference and diameter stats as The Cage, but has a smaller wall. This product is better for younger Children looking to learn develop close ball control and keeping the ball on the ground. It also uses half the panels of The Cage meaning less space is needed for storage and transportation. This model is available with four foot containment netting.

The Caged Sports Arena, $12,750 – Bringing together the concept of The Cage and The Sports Arena into one product. Removable connector pins are designed to enable the panels to lie flat on any side. The package comes with two ‘Cage’ goals, two ‘Arena’ goals, one ‘Cage’ gate and one ‘Arena’ gate. All other panels can be used for both The Cage and Arena.


*All of our products are customizable. Contact us with your specific needs.