With many of the same skill based benefits of The Cage, The Sports Arena enables a unique portable facility used for soccer teams of 3 v 3, 4 v 4, 5 v 5, 6 v 6, 7 v 7… actually up to any size you want. You tell us how many players you have and we’ll provide an arena big enough. Shaped as a regular rectangular playing field, The Sports Arena’s eight feet high wall keeps the ball in play, ensuring maximum game time and more time to develop ball skills during this endurance based version of the game.


There are two versions of The Sports Arena:

The Sports Arena, – Pitch (or field) sizes start at 30’ x 56’. Regular panels are four feet high and eight feet wide with six feet high netting on riser poles to give a wall of ten feet high around the playing arena. The arena is available without the containment netting.

The Caged Sports Arena, – The Caged Sports Arena brings together the concept of The Cage and The Sports Arena into one product. Removable connector pins are designed to enable the panels to lie flat on any side. The package comes with two ‘Cage’ goals, two ‘Arena’ goals, one ‘Cage’ gate and one ‘Arena’ gate. All other panels can be used for both The Cage and Arena.


*All of our products are customizable. Contact us with your specific needs.